Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aloha! Remember me?!

Holy shit balls! I suck at this blogging thing eh?
Let's get right into it shall we?
Since we last spoke I've gone to Hawaii and returned and I've decided to give up my beautiful, spacious apartment and move into my parents' basement suite. I can hear the "WTF!!" being screamed at me right now.. hahaha More on the move decision, plans, stress, and reasons in a later post - but to the important stuff: Hawaii pictures!!!
Me with my cousin's kids
The hotel that we stayed at

Me at Pearl Harbour

Me at the Battleship Missouri memorial
 I had an amazing time in Hawaii. While a lot of time was spent laying around the pool, getting a tan, I also got to tour Pearl Harbour and the USS Missouri, I did a driving tour of Historic Honolulu and we rented a car and drove up the North Shore - that included a stop at the Dole Plantation.

It was a great trip and I definitely hope to return to Waikiki soon.

I'm playing Decorator at my friend/co-worker's wedding on Saturday morning and going to the Taylor Swift concert in the evening, blog posts to follow.... promise.