Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One more thing:

Okay, while I'm confessing things, I should probably tell you that this Glee episode is the Britney Spears episode and if there's one thing that I love more than Glee, it's Britney.
Stop laughing!
There is a very real chance that my cousin and I spent a ridiculous amount of money to sit in the second (lower bowl) row at the Britney concert. And there is also a very real chance that I may have lost my shit when Brit came out on the stage.
Stop laughing!
Yes, she may lip-sync BUT, she puts on one hell of a show and she's Britney-fricken-Spears.
Stop laughing!
Ssshhhh... Glee's back on!

Stop. Laughing.

PS: I also love the Spice Girls. That's an entirely different post though so I'm going now.


I'm Still Here!!

I'm just not.. here.

Nothing particularly interesting happening right now so I haven't really had anything to say.

The most exciting thing that's occurred in the last week would have to be the 4:00am fire alarm this morning.
Lordy! Nothing like a high-pitched squeal to wake you up at 4:00am. And nothing like the Vancouver rain to make the whole evacuate-your-apartment-in-your-pajamas-at-4:00am thing that much more enjoyable.
I guess I can't really complain though, it could have been worse: I could have been one of the poor fire-fighters who had to put on their heavy gear (helmets and all) to rush over to an apartment building that was not on fire.
I could also have been one of the people who had to round up their 2 kids, dog, and cat and haul them out in the rain at 4:00am.
Did I mention that this all happened at 4:00am?
OH! Did I mention the girl that perfectly co-ordinated her entire evacuate-your-apartment-that-might-be-on-fire-at-4:00am outfit?!?! She clearly attempted to make it look like she just threw on the first thing she found; but, she failed! BIG TIME. The jeans.. I could buy, the baseball cap that matched her hoodie sweater that was perfectly matched the colours in her t-shirt.. that I cannot buy. Also, the fact that she looked like she had just applied a fresh layer of lipgloss, kinda gave her away.

So, I've been awake since 4:00am (it's hard to fall asleep after all that excitement and, by 5:30am I decided that to fall asleep would make it impossible to get up at my usual 6:30am, so I just stayed awake) so I will now be crawling in to bed to watch Glee and go straight to sleep.

Yeah, I casually worked it in there: I'm a Glee watcher. Don't judge me!! It's not like I did my make-up and changed 3 times before evacuating my apartment at 4:00am

Monday, September 20, 2010

Funday Family Dinner

Nearly every Sunday we have family dinner, my family: mom, dad, and sister, usually at my aunt's house with her family: Auntie M., Uncle P., cousin J., cousin T. and her husband.
These dinners usually consist of far too much food, far too much liquor, and far too much fun for a Sunday night; hence, the dinner's affectionately being renamed "Funday Family Dinner".

Yesterday, T. and I decided that we were going to give the mom's a break and cook Funday dinner ourselves.
We started the weekend at Costco (only one of my favourite places!) where we proceeded to purchase far too much food. And ended the weekend making a delicious (if I do say so myself) Indian-themed dinner: butter chicken, lamb chops and naan.
I must say that in comparison to my usual dinner-for-one, cooking dinner for 8 people (J. was returning from his trip to Japan), is quite the challenge. But what fun!!

Dinner was great but the real fun in Funday is the time spent with the family. I don't know quite how to describe my family but I know that the words "traditional", "conventional" and "conservative" would not be used.
There are always dirty jokes and/or vulgar comments made - usually by Uncle P. and usually about my parents.. YUCK.
There are always multiple bottles of wine consumed so there is often some singing and/or dancing done.
There is always lots of laughter and joking.
And there is always tons of love in the room.

I really hope that, one day, my kids will be enjoying Family Dinners with us and we will all still be eating far too much, drinking far too much, and having far too much fun for a Sunday night.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Train observations

Today, on the train home, I sat beside a girl who must have called EVERY single person in her phone book during the 21 minutes it took to get from the station downtown to the first stop.
She's clearly one of those people... you know, the people who can't go without talking to or seeing another person for 21 minutes without feeling out of touch with the universe.
I am not one of those. I live by myself.. just the way I like it (trust me, I tried the roommate thing.. it lasted 2.5 months and I was done! But that's a whole different post).. I can go entire weekends without talking to anyone. Not on the phone, not online, not via text, not in person. And, most times, I'm completely fine with that. I like the alone, quiet, in-my-head times. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I feel like I need to communicate with someone! But then I just call home, or by bff, or go grocery shopping and talk to the cashier LOL (it counts!!)

I don't think that I'll ever be one of those people.
I watched this girl and: she'd dial a number.. wait.. hang up.. frantically (and this is the only word I can use to describe the way she was dialing) dial another number.. wait.. talk to someone.. they'd have to go (I could tell by listening to her side of the conversation. YES.. I'm an eavesdropper.. again, different post).. she'd put her phone down on the table.. take a sip of coffee.. pick up her phone.. frantically dial.. wait.. hang up.. frantically dial.. talk.. hang up.. phone down.. sip.. dial... wait... talk.. hang up..
This went on for 31 minutes (10 minutes prior to the train leaving the station and the 21 minute ride). I watched this girl who started looking like a smoker on a 20 hour flight. She looked agitated, itchy, frantic, while dialing and waiting.
I don't think that I'll ever be one of those people. I don't think that anyone should ever be that afraid of being alone with their own thoughts, being alone with the quiet, being out of touch with other people.

Perhaps my being okay with not talking to someone for two days isn't normal, but I don't think that having to talk to someone to stop the itching is normal either. Do you?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wow.. I'm grumpy!

I don't know why, but I have been incredibly grumpy lately. And the fact that there's really no reason for my grumpiness.. well, that's just making me even grumpier!!
Everything is irritating me! Indecisive people, people using incorrect grammar, people who can't make any kind of commitment or decision without asking my opinon, the fact that the finale of Big Brother 12 felt like it was 7 hours long. EVERYTHING'S. IRRITATING. ME

I have a theory as to why though: It's because I'm so fricken tired! I feel like I haven't slept in days. I haven't been going to bed that late, I haven't been waking up that early.. but I have been waking up every few hours during the night and I can't figure out why.

Okay, so now that I've admitted that I'm grumpy and sleepy (my two favourite dwarfs by the way). I guess I have to try to do something about it. That is the way right? Admit that there's a problem and then fix it.

On that note, I'm going to go and get ready for bed.

PS: is there anyone out there actually reading this crap? If so: thanks! Goodnight! oh and:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Blog..

It occurred to me today, as I was scrolling through my Google Reader and re-reading blogs, that perhaps I should try this blogging thing out for myself.
I figured that since I only recently (just over a year ago) moved out of the parents' house, and can't afford a psychologist, maybe I can put all of my issues into writing and try to figure myself out. Now I should warn you, there are a lot of issues! But I should also tell you that I'm open to advice, thoughts and suggestion :)

I'm really just a normal girl trying to find myself, my purpose, my place, my meaning. I have a good job, a great apartment, wonderful friends and the most amazing family that I could possibly ask for. I joke about having issues but really, that's all that my issues are: trivial, superficial, "mostly joking" issues. 
So, if you're looking for a light-hearted, sarcastic and sometimes cynical look at life through the eyes of a 25 year old-South African born-Chinese-Canadian, then stick around. Join me on my journey. Grab some Gravol, we may experience some turbulence while in transit.