Monday, June 6, 2011

Concert Review - Bruno Mars

June is the month of birthdays in my family: I'm on the 4th, my mom is on the 8th, and my dad is on the 15th. So, to celebrate this year, my mom bought us all (including my sister who was born in November) tickets to the Bruno Mars concert.

The opening act, Mayer Hawthorne, was really good. He was entertaining and fun and I don't know any of his music, but I intend of buying some on iTunes. He was good.
Then Janelle Monae came out... FAIL!! I want to give Janelle the benefit of the doubt and say that she might be a very good singer; however, the sound during her set was awful. Her band was too loud, her mic was too loud.. I had no idea what she was singing (my mom asked if she was even singing in English).
I thought that perhaps I just thought it sounded bad because I didn't know the words to her songs; but, then she sang a Michael Jackson song. At least, I think she sang a Michael Jackson song. The music sounded like MJ, the lyrics sounded like cats being swung around a room and running their nails down a chalkboard at the same time - descriptive enough?
I think I was also annoyed by the fact that she didn't engage with the crowd at all. She just sang at us. No "Hello Vancouver", no "How are you all doing?", no acknowledgement of the fact that there were people sitting in front of her AT ALL. Sorry, Janelle: that one I can't blame on the acoustics.
And then. Bruno. Mars. Fricken awesome!! He was charming and funny and entertaining and good looking and has a great voice and great stage presence.. I'm loving Bruno right now! Just loving him!

In all, I'd say that the concert was a success. I was there to see Bruno: I saw him, I loved him, I aspire to make him love me too (what? too far? okay, I'll dial it back a little).

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