Monday, September 20, 2010

Funday Family Dinner

Nearly every Sunday we have family dinner, my family: mom, dad, and sister, usually at my aunt's house with her family: Auntie M., Uncle P., cousin J., cousin T. and her husband.
These dinners usually consist of far too much food, far too much liquor, and far too much fun for a Sunday night; hence, the dinner's affectionately being renamed "Funday Family Dinner".

Yesterday, T. and I decided that we were going to give the mom's a break and cook Funday dinner ourselves.
We started the weekend at Costco (only one of my favourite places!) where we proceeded to purchase far too much food. And ended the weekend making a delicious (if I do say so myself) Indian-themed dinner: butter chicken, lamb chops and naan.
I must say that in comparison to my usual dinner-for-one, cooking dinner for 8 people (J. was returning from his trip to Japan), is quite the challenge. But what fun!!

Dinner was great but the real fun in Funday is the time spent with the family. I don't know quite how to describe my family but I know that the words "traditional", "conventional" and "conservative" would not be used.
There are always dirty jokes and/or vulgar comments made - usually by Uncle P. and usually about my parents.. YUCK.
There are always multiple bottles of wine consumed so there is often some singing and/or dancing done.
There is always lots of laughter and joking.
And there is always tons of love in the room.

I really hope that, one day, my kids will be enjoying Family Dinners with us and we will all still be eating far too much, drinking far too much, and having far too much fun for a Sunday night.

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